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Celeb Makeup Strategies

Have you ever seen Jennifer Lopez without makeup? It ain't pretty. Why are celebrity makeup looks so natural yet, so fantastic? It doesn't matter what the present makeup trends are or or even a day to day look or even a glamorous red-colored carpet occasion, celebrity makeup always perfect. Read on to discover celebrity makeup tips, techniques, and browse about stars without makeup.

To rapidly achieve good movie star makeup looks there's no need to apply a great deal of makeup or expensive items. Just pay special attention to a few fundamental areas like the eyes, eyebrows, and skin. Below are a few basic top secret methods provided by makeup artists for the stars so that you can look great right away.

One of the biggest star eye makeup tricks is to emphasize the eyelashes and eyebrows. There are a number ways celebs get those attractive, long, thick eyelashes without the need of resorting to pricey eyelash extensions or false eyelashes.

One simple trick for great looking thicker lashes is with a dusting of powder on the eyelashes prior to putting on mascara - this makes them much thicker and longer. Another tip should be to curl the lashes before applying the mascara then employ not one but two coats of curling mascara.

Some other secret superstar makeup methods for natural, yet impressive eyes include choosing an eyeliner color that enhances your skin tone. As an example, Kate Hudson's makeup artist suggests that fair skinned women really should avoid very dark or black eyes or eyeliners. As a substitute use a lighter eyeliner like medium gold or gray. This provides the eyes a dramatic look without looking overdone.

Eyebrows are probably the most striking celebrity makeup looks since they frame the eyes and also the entire face. Even when you can see a celebrity -- like Beyonce -- without makeup, they will always have perfectly formed and defined eyebrows.

Step one to perfectly groomed eyebrows is to shape them. Superstar makeup artists use a good quality pair of tweezers to arch and sculpt, however if you aren't handy with eyebrow tweezers, think about visiting your local beauty and hair salon and health spa. A lot of hair experts can quickly shape your brows for a really low expense.
The other key to great eyebrows would be to always fill out all bald points with an eyebrow pencil that matches your brow color.

Use mild feathery strokes and just fill the spots which are bold. Rendering the brows overly heavy or dark can make you seem angry and old. With respect to redhead celebs like Nicole Kidman, the ideal color is generally a light to medium auburn. For blonds apply taupe and brunettes like Angelina Jolie (though if you look like Angelina you could probably throw a bucket of fish guts on), light or medium brown is most effective.

One particular simple tip that superstars from Katie Holmes to Katie Couric love is to exfoliate. Regardless of whether you plan to wear foundation, having clean, soft, moist skin can enhance your appearance and give you a healthy dewy look. Immediately after diligently cleaning the skin and before moisturizing, make sure you exfoliate with a natural solution. Exfoliating helps remove old skin debris, lessen the appearance of fine lines and age spots.

As soon as the skin is cleansed and exfoliated, it'll be able to soak up virtually any moisturizer significantly better - allowing the skin a fuller, moisturized look.

Celebs without makeup look worse than you think. As we discussed, movie star makeup looks can be duplicated by anybody -- by simply using some with the few uncomplicated tricks outlined in this article.

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