viernes, 20 de mayo de 2011

The negative impact of cannabis is greater and dangerous for the people than its positive impact

Marijuana is one type of drugs or productions, which make the bad affinity in the human body. It always tries to give the negative impacts to the human beings such as different kinds of disease like nervousness, insomnia, tetchiness and decreased inclination. It is also known as cannabis or ganja which discovered in almost all of the countries in the world. Its market price is so high, and its business is profitable but it is mainly illegal in use because it creates minus impacts on the body and mind of a human being. Advantages are few of it, but the disadvantages are a lot of. So always try to avoid this kind of products which make a temporary excitement in the body and decrease your ability to talk with the other person.

Various types of marihuana found out in the world which are known as a different name such as master kush, light source of jah, Dutch dope, Durban poison, Hindu kush, first girl, early misty, white widow, big bud, super skunk, Afghanistani and easy rider are the popular between them. So if, you want to know about this drugs which create affinity in the human body you must know the various types of it and their uses. It is harmful for your lung when you want to take it inside of your body. It also increases your possibility to develop the lung cancer. Light of jah is particular types of marihuana, which formed by the fruit juice where the alcohol rate is too high. When a someone can use he lost his speaking power with the peoples in a few minutes.

Jack herer is the high type of product which makes affinity into the human body within a few moments. It also proved as a long time killer for you. Durban poison is one type of popular productions, which used in the southerly areas of the world and its price limit is medium. If an individual wants to create a lot of money in his account by business, then this business is suitable for him but it is illegal from the government and those peoples who use this types of product for their daily uses them must keep a permit for themselves to bearing the products. So marihuana is that product which make a lot of affinity in the body and minds of a human being than any other productions because it bears a lot of alcohol. So always try to avoid it to keep fitting your body structure.

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