martes, 10 de mayo de 2011

Andrew King The Computer Trainers Review

Andrew King from the Computer Trainers situated in Christchurch is actually a smaller one man band operation. We've screened his products and what we located was that, in true amateur style, he emerged short of a qualified standard. He operates from a little office space on Neil Street in Hornby and when you are searching for a little something simple as well as low cost then he is probably your top bet. As with almost all solo operators, he can help your granny clean her pc or show you the right way to send an email. Having said that, when you want anything at all more than that you'd finest look elsewhere.

Here is what Andrew King at TCT claims he can easily do for you. We aim to give you a prompt, high quality and affordable level of service. Whether you've a family computer, laptop, house office PC, or an office network, we can provide a range of support services to ensure productivity, security and reliability of your computer system. Services available come with tune-ups, virus/spyware/malware disinfection, network technical support and troubleshooting, and problem resolution.

Now, here is what you're going to really pick up. There are a great deal of bigger manufacturers within the area which present you with a more comprehensive service and know what they're talking about more than Andrew King does. We tested the customer service at The Computer Trainers and what we found was that he was rude and downright obnoxious. We were not surprised by this behaviour nevertheless , as is quite often the case with these small timers, they have a bee in their bonnet because they're only ever get a certain level of being successful and they just don't like the belief that they're doomed to be like this forever. Take a look at his site at and you're going to see with your own eyes that this one man band is not really going to supply you with the good when it comes big pc problems.

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