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Weight Loss Surgery Without A Scar - But Is It Risk Free?

Is this new scar free weight loss surgery safe?

With over 34% of Americans believed to be obese in comparison to the 32.7 percent who are heavier than is recommended for this frame, the increasing obesity problem has encouraged many medical research studies into making weight loss surgery less dangerous.

The latest dubbed POSE (Primary Obesity Surgery Endolumenal) is meant to help obese patients with a body index of 28-33 to shift up to 50lbs in excess body fat without experiencing the deformity and the health problems of gastric band bypasses.

And at the offset it seems to work…

By inserting an endoscope into the stomach of the patient, medical practitioners are able to close the top part of the stomach shut and make it smaller by a third of its size.

Does its work?

The goal behind this weight loss procedure - which is undergoing testing - is to limit the stomachs capacity to stretch.

Yet, this surgery is already much concernabout its ability to produce natural weight loss. Slimmers are believed to only be able to eat 4 mouthfuls per meal before becoming satisfied, a nutrient consumption that isn’t enough for a healthy body.

On average the body needs at least 1,200 calories per day to help your bodily processes. Eat too little and your body won’t work properly.

So although this new scar free weight loss surgery may be able to produce rapid weight loss, in the long term it could hinder your body - especially as surgeons believe these sutures will last for life.

Can I lose weight safely?

The surest route to benefit from risk free, natural weight loss is to eat a balanced diet and ensure that you exercise often. However, if you need support promoting your weight loss, this can simply be achieved without risking your health.

The help of a provenherbal supplement such as natural appetite suppressant Proactol PLUS can supply you with the help you require to modifyyour diet; remove up to 28 percentof your dietary fat and experience weight loss that lasts.

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